Our services

As a Management Consultant & Training partner “Train & Gain” provides Corporate Training, Public training and Consultancy Services. We also provide one-on-one personalized workshops and consultancy to professionals and managers on Image consultancy/soft skills for personal branding. As a Management Consultant & Training partner we do not follow the philosophy of “one size fits all” in analyzing, planning and delivering our consultancy services. With that in mind we put our heart and soul to every project we undertake providing a unique training programs that differs from the other consultancy offerings. We pride ourselves being “Different”. “Professionalism” is our hallmark. As your Management Consultant & Training partner we do not follow the traditional school of thought. We take pride in what we do and view our customer’s success as our success.

Corporate & Public Training Programs

Through interactive coaching, participants learn easy-to-use tools and skills to manage their personal and professional career(s) in an effective & efficient manner. Properly trained human resources in your company will always bring success to your business.

Business Consultancy

We as corporate consultants assist businesses in developing or achieving goals that lead to success. Under corporate consultancy, we offer services that include evaluating an existing process and improve those to achieve business excellence.

Professional Writing Services

We undertake professional business writing services and copy editing services. We can also assist you with preparing comprehensive business proposals.

Backoffice Services

We provide backoffice support services for small to medium enterprises. We work with you to identify the gaps in your processes and empower with tools and techniques to streamline yoru operations. We also provide skilled personal to offload your back office opereations

What our clients say

We Work With

Different types of customers in Sri Lanka. We work closely with the management to identify their requirements and provide a customized solution that suits their culture, process as well as budget.